Pre-Primaries 2 - 5 Years

Come discover the fun of the 2's - 5's Sunday School class!

Our desire is to sow nuggets of Spiritual truth in the hearts of these precious little ones that will take root and bear fruit as they grow!

Each week, our experienced teachers are eager to share the love of Christ with each child through Bible stories, songs, and hands-on crafts. Our small teacher/student ratio enables us to use multi-sensory, age-appropriate activities to reinforce our Bible lesson and instill Scripture memorization.   We also participate in music specials, holiday parties and minster to others in practical ways as we apply Eph. 4:32 (Be ye kind, one to another…) to all our lessons.

Parents can relax and enjoy their own Sunday school class knowing that their child is in a safe, loving environment being nurtured both spiritually and physically – learning and having fun all the while!

Led by: Roxanne Massa 

Mrs Massa