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"But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me:" Matthew 19:14a

Sunday School for Primaries (Grades 1 to 4) is a great experience for children, not only to learn the Bible, but to develop a love for the Bible at a young age. Your child will experience the joys of singing, making crafts, and most importantly learning all about God and obeying His Word.

Kids will enjoy receiving prizes for their work, learning new Bible stories every Sunday, and learning the importance of praying and asking God for help with their needs. It is a blessing to bring the gospel to this age group and to see their faces understanding salvation and a desire to ask the Lord Jesus Christ to come into their hearts and lives.

We as teachers want to help you as parents or guardians to keep building your sons and daughters spiritual life.  Please allow us to work together in order to reach his goal!  We will be waiting for you here at Landmark Baptist Church! 

Faye Soriano Faye Soriano, Primaries Teacher


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